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JustEat is the leading food ordering portal in India. Its origin lies in the frustration of foodies with phone ordering. Not so long ago, a device known as a ‘phone’ was used to place your orders at a nearby restaurant to get your food home delivered. Here’s how the entire process worked in what was called the ‘Hunt, Dial and Wait’ model of ordering food. Step 1: Search for the restaurant you wish to order from (both online and offline, rummaging through paper flyers and all). Step 2: Once you find it, look for the correct contact number that would connect you to the restaurant directly. Step 3: Dial the restaurant number to check: i. Whether they actually carry out home delivery; ii. Whether they will deliver at your address; iii. Whether the food you want to order is available or not. Step 4: If any of the above answers are ‘no’, revert to Step 1 and think up of another restaurant. In the (unlikely) case of all the above answers being a ‘yes’, proceed with trying to make the restaurant guy at the other end understand what you want to order, one dish at a time. Step 5: “Chicken Methi Malai. METHI. M for Mumbai, E for Elephant…” (Pause while the guy notes it down). “Phone number is…” (Writing). “By the name of…” (Again writing). “Address…” (Still writing). Step 6: You wipe the beads of sweat from your forehead. Phew! Enter: The new ‘Order Food Online’ model or the ‘One Click to JustEat’ model. Step 1: Type in the name of the restaurant you wish to order food online from on JustEat.in. Step 2: While browsing through the online menu items and prices, simply add the items you wish to order to your online cart. Step 3: Check out. And wait. For what? For your food home delivery. As simple as that. Need a few more reasons to order food online? Here goes: 1. Online food delivery is convenient and hassle-free – No busy signals, no waiting in line, no shouting over the receiver. 2. All-time open restaurants – Place orders in advance for next weekend, even if the restaurant is closed for the day. 3. Flexible payment option to suit your needs – Either pay online by card or pay cash on delivery of food. 4. Get food home delivery anytime, anywhere – Use the JustEat online food ordering apps on your smartphone. 5. One-stop-shop for all restaurant details – Latest menu prices, delivery area, minimum order amount, ratings, reviews; name it and we at JustEat have it. 6. Discounts and offer galore – Especially on online payment restaurants. 7. Ideal for placing bulk orders – Unplanned gatherings of friends at your place call for desperate measures. One-click and you’ll get your food delivered. And have the time of your life! So whether you’re too lazy to go out or too busy to cook or simply want a break from cooking day in and day out, online food delivery comes to your rescue! Oh and did we say online home delivery would be easy? Not at all. Not when you have more than 2500 restaurants and 52+ cuisines to choose from… Happy Eating!

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